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Feitian OTP C200

Feitian OTP C200

VAT Included

🛡️Elevate Your Security with Feitian TOTP Tokens 🛡️


Our Feitian TOTP Tokens are meticulously engineered to offer a seamless and ironclad approach to safeguarding your organization's digital assets.


Key Features:

SHA-1 or SHA-256 Algorithm: With the power of industry-standard SHA-1 or SHA-256 algorithms, our tokens ensure unparalleled encryption and security.

60 or 30-Second Cycle Time: Your security, your way. Choose between 60 or 30-second cycle times, catering to your organization's unique needs.

6-Digit Display: Clarity is paramount. Our tokens feature a 6-digit display for crystal-clear and precise Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP).

Key Length 32 or 20 Characters: Tailor your security setup with key lengths of 32 or 20 characters, providing you with versatility and peace of mind.

Secret Key Provided: We've got you covered. Your secret key is provided to your ordering email, ensuring a seamless setup, unless specified otherwise.


Product Details:

Engineered to meet the rigorous standards of the Open Authentication (OATH) consortium, Feitian TOTP Tokens offer a hardware solution that sets the standard for organizations prioritizing security and operational efficiency. Elevate your organization's digital defense with confidence.


Further Product Information:

Your organization's security deserves a solution that's built for the future. Invest in the unmatched protection of Feitian TOTP Tokens and embrace a level of security that's unparalleled.

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